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Military Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Housing Specialist

Welcome to, where we value military service and the daily sacrifices that service members make. If you receive a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) order, probably the first thing that will come to your head is how or where you will find a new home, apartment, townhouse, and a place to live in general. That place is Military PCS Housing – or for short. An independent real estate company focused on helping US military members with Permanent Change of Station orders find a new home. Please take a look at our inventory of properties in and around military bases and towns, and you will realize why we are the real estate company of choice for members of all military branches.

At, we are committed to connecting the military community with trusted housing and resources. By only collaborating with veteran and military spouse Realtors, we are giving back to the military community within the industry. Lastly, we want to serve our military with the highest integrity. Don’t matter what branch of service you served, the Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard, or the Marines, we look forward to helping you find a home you and your family will enjoy. When you choose, you can be sure that we got your back every step of the way, from house-hunting to VA Mortgage and then some. So, contact us today and let our professional team go to work for you.

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