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Permanent status change can be associated with a lot of worry and stress. Most military personnel go through PCS every three or four years. It’s an entire process that can be troublesome. According to the Military Family Advisory Network, most members spend about $5000 out of pocket during PCS.

That amount of money once in a lifetime can be acceptable, but spending $5000 every three or four years can be difficult. There are tips and things to know that can help you receive the reimbursements you deserve from the military to make the process easier.

To be clear, explaining all the details involved in PCS can take hours. Our goal here is to highlight the broad topics to make your life easier. For simplification, your permanent change of station will either be TMO or PPM. TMO stands for Transportation Management Office. If you rely on TMO for your PCS, a relocation company will handle the move for you. PPM stands for Personally Procured Move, formerly known as DITY or Do It Yourself Move.

It’s possible to make some money if you go ahead with PPM rather than TMO. In a Personally Procured Move, you will be reimbursed, by the government, the amount it would cost them to move up to your maximum authorized weight. By planning ahead and spending less, you can make money if you pay less than what you’re reimbursed with.

Military Move Reimbursements:

As a military member, you are eligible for reimbursement for money spent when traveling from one permanent station to another. You will be paid per diem when traveling by a commercial or a military vehicle. Mileage reimbursement will be used when traveling via private auto. You should also look into a Dislocation Allowance. A Dislocation Allowance aims to partially reimburse you for costs that aren’t covered by other programs.

Military personnel is allowed 10 additional days of leave during PCS. These days you can use it to look for a new house for sale or rent or to find a real estate person. These 10 days are known as Temporary Duty and won’t count toward your leave.

Having trouble storing your belongings during a move? You can ask the military for help. The military can store some of your household goods during your new assignment. The number of goods they store will be based on the maximum weight allowance determined by the military.

It’s always wise to build a budget. Take your time in learning what the government will cover and what you’ll need to pay out of your pocket. Don’t forget to take your insurance into consideration. Getting help from your insurance can be a major step. Online banking is also a good idea as PCS can be something you go through every couple of years. Having access to your money and bank accounts, regardless of where you are in the US, can make your life much easier.