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Making the decision to buy your first home is never easy. Big decisions like these often require plenty of thought and asking for advice. You may have plenty of concerns. Your indecisiveness will worsen if you have little to no information on the market and what it takes to buy and maintain a home.

Using your VA loan benefits to buy a home can make things easier, but you want to use that loan wisely. Finding the right realtor when looking for houses for sale or condos to buy can make life much easier.

Concerns and How to Handle Them

The first concern many military members have is that they worry they won’t qualify for a loan. This is something you shouldn’t spend much time dwelling on. 72% of all VA loan applications were closed successfully in 2014. VA makes it easier for veterans to get loans than other members of society. Even if you aren’t accepted for a loan, it’s not the world’s end. You can contact a VA loan officer to help you qualify the next time you apply.

Another major concern that people express is that they’ll be putting most of their money into their new home. This is a valid concern if you’re about to be a homeowner for the first time. VA loans have a major advantage in that they will require you to pay less money upfront. The Department of Veteran Affairs states that 90% of VA purchases didn’t require a down payment. To be fair, there will be additional costs like the VA appraisal fee and funding fee. However, these fees are meager compared to putting all your life’s savings as a down payment for your first home.

People often express concerns about maintaining their homes. Living in a place you don’t own is easy because there’s a landlord. You can call the landlord when something goes wrong, and they’ll handle it. When you own the place, you’ll be your landlord and have to deal with problems yourself. There are classes and tutorials that you can take or watch to help you maintain your home.

It might also be a good idea to invest in a new home. Newer homes or condos are less likely to require maintenance. They’re made with new materials that will last longer. An older house might be cheaper but could cost more in the long run regarding maintenance. The utility is another aspect that new homes do better. Newer homes have modern appliances and components that consume less energy, and you’ll pay less for utilities.

Investing in a new home can be a great step. There’s no reason to worry about the value of your home declining after you buy it. If you intend on selling it later on, all you have to do is wait, and its value will soon rise.