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Military Relocation Professional Agents
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Need a home that suits your duty station, and Friday lifestyle? We’ve got it. Search homes now at Our national network means that you’ll always have access to a local area expert who is a Veteran, Military Spouse, or MRP

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Thanks for visiting MilPCS. We built this website and business believing that military members should own a piece of the country they serve. For this reason, we’re taking care of everything and ensuring they find a home that fits just right. We strive to ensure every one of our partners is skilled in the VA loan product and transaction. It makes the experience seamless, stress-free, and stellar for our veteran clients. What’s an active-duty family’s most significant question when they have a PCS move? We’re here to help, and we’re pleased to serve the need behind that question. Our Realtor network consists of Veterans, Military Spouses, and MRPs. You can count on Top VA mortgage experts to guide the application process. We are all about providing value to our customers with a heavy focus on our nation’s veterans. Join in as we discuss how our national home search site came to be. Our Realtors go all-in for our service members. That’s because most of them have military backgrounds, and they get what goes into the PCS process. If you know someone who fits this description and would be interested in joining our referral network, we’d love to hear from you.

Military moves are unique. That’s why we’ve created MilPCS — a one-stop military home search portal. VA mortgage experts, specialized military Realtors, and custom site tools will help guide your search so that you can find a home that fits just right. The financial planning of a move can seem daunting. That’s why we have top VA mortgage experts dedicated to ensuring service members get the most out of their hard-earned benefits. So, if you’re looking for Real Estate Company Pueblo, CO, give us a call.

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Marketing Your Home

Military personnel is often on the move. Whether it’s due to PCS or something else, you might be looking for ways to market your home so [...]

Marketing Your Home

Military Friendly Real Estate Agent

Military personnel is often on the move. Whether it’s due to PCS or something else, you might be looking for ways to market your home so you can sell it reasonably. Making sure your home is attractive on the market to potential buyers can help you make good on the investment you made when buying it.

Selling your house at a loss is certainly something you don’t want to do and one that can impact your future housing opportunities. The best way to ensure your home does well when sold is to market it properly.

How to Market Your Home

The most important thing is to set a competitive price. No one will be interested in buying your house if your asking price is too high compared to similar properties. There are tools online that can help you get an estimate of your house’s worth. You can also get a rough estimate by knowing the asking price for similar properties in your neighborhood. The idea isn’t just to set a price that isn’t too high. It’s just as important to set one that isn’t too low and risk losing your home at a loss.

Professional pictures can make a massive difference. One study found that houses with professional pictures sell faster than those without. Professional photographers might cost you, but they can drastically improve your odds of selling your house. They’ll take care of things such as lighting and weather. They’ll recommend taking pictures during certain times of the day and even during specific months of the year. Great pictures can be the difference between selling your home quickly at a competitive price and not selling it at all.

Using the right words in your listing is what makes potential buyers interested after the pictures draw them in. Information regarding the number of bedrooms and baths will be included elsewhere and doesn’t need to be added to the listing. Listings are usually a paragraph long and should contain information about proximity to nearby schools, malls, and attractions. Your listing should tell people why it would be great to buy what you’re selling.

Try to highlight the outdoor features of your house. Decks, pools, firepits, and outdoor kitchens are all things people are becoming increasingly interested in. Following the pandemic, many people became more interested in staying at home and enjoying the relaxing environment. You can find more buyers if your house has outdoor features that can add to their lives without going out. Energy-efficient features should also be highlighted. As energy prices go up, people will look to save money by being energy efficient.

Regardless of the current state of the market, you can find a way to sell your home. People are constantly looking for homes to buy. You just have to make your house seem as attractive as possible. Follow our tips to market your home and attract buyers.

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