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Marketing Your Home

Military personnel is often on the move. Whether it’s due to PCS or something else, you might be looking for ways to market your home so you can sell it reasonably. Making sure your home is attractive on the market to potential buyers can help you make good on the investment you made when buying it. Selling your house [...]

How to Buy a Condo with a VA Loan

VA home loan benefits are accessible to veterans and military members. These benefits extend to condo units. However, the loan process when applying to buy a condo is different from the process for other properties. If you think the process is nailed down because you have experience with properties other than condos, think again. We’ve put together important pieces [...]

When Do You Get Paid for PCS?

Your brain will most likely be filled to the rim with thoughts about buying homes and realtors ahead of your PCS or permanent change of status. Investing in homes to buy or condos for sale might be consuming for your mind, but it won’t be easy on your wallet either. It’s very fair to wonder about when you will [...]

How Do I Find Military Housing?

Military housing is the best choice for most military members. The first reason is that it’s cheaper. Living in military housing is cheaper than looking for homes for sale or condos to buy. Finding a realtor and going house hunting can be time-consuming when compared to military housing. Let’s not forget the advantages of living near work. The farther [...]

How Much Does The Military Pay For PCS?

PCS refers to Permanent Change of Station orders. When military members are given their PCS orders, they must move from one duty station to another. Fortunately, the military pay for PCS, but it has some limitations. Your move is usually handled either by the transportation management office (TMO), or you can opt for the do-it-yourself (DITY) move. Either option [...]

What is MILPCS?

Depending on their assignments, military personnel will have to relocate from time to time. One of the most important kinds of relocations that all military recruits and officers should know about is MILPCS, otherwise known as a permanent military change of station. This kind of relocation is often permanent and entails a lot of paperwork. As MILPCS can be [...]

How Do I Find Military Housing?

Military housing tends to be provided for all service members. Regardless of whether you live on or off base, the government will cover your living costs. The type of housing can vary depending on your rank, location, and family situation. However, with the abundance of housing options, most service members will have no problem finding housing that fits their [...]

Finding the Right Realtor

Whether you’re buying or selling, finding the right realtor can make a big difference. You might assume that it’s cheaper to do the job yourself rather than hire a professional, but getting a realtor has many advantages. Realtors have access to more listings than you normally would. Additionally, they’ll be updated with any new listings or deals. Realtors can [...]

Buying A Condo With A VA Loan

While buying a condo is different from purchasing a house, it is still possible to purchase a condo unit through a VA loan. But before we explore the process of buying a condo with a VA loan, what classifies as a condo according to the VA? The Department of Veterans Affairs states that condos are those which have “common [...]

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