Military Relocation Agents

If you are a service member, chances are that you have heard of the term PCS-ing. This popular relocation order demands you to move to another station, which could be any station among the ones owned by the military. The move is for a long period of time, and it could be a permanent move as well, so lots of preparations are required before you implement the actual move.

For many new recruits, a MILPCS order can greatly disrupt their life plan. A lot of things will change, and you will have to adapt to these changes in just a short period of time. Here is some great information about PCS that will help you to get started.

What does PCSing include?

There are a lot of different kinds of MILPCS orders, some of the most notable ones including PCS within the same geographic region, PCS to an overseas base, PCS with temporary duty en route, etc. When you have to move due to your PCS order, your other family members can accompany you on this move.

What allowances will be given to military personnel?

When you have to relocate due to your MILPCS order, the military will provide some allowances that will help cover the move’s costs. Here are some of the most prominent allowances and how to claim them.

  • Dislocation allowance: This allowance will cover the losses you incur during the move. It depends on your rank and family status, so it is not the same between service members. Your dislocation allowance typically takes 30 days after you have submitted the required paperwork to be disbursed to your pocket.
  • Personal & dependent travel allowance: When you travel from your last place of residence to a new station, your fees and transportation costs will be covered by the military. In some cases, you and your dependents will be transported to the new station through the use of military transport planes or vehicles. Sometimes, however, they will issue tickets that allow you to take civilian transportation vehicles.
  • Household goods and vehicle shipment: The military will also pay a certain amount to help you move all your household goods from your old home to the new one. There will usually be a weight limit, so you must consider what to bring and what to leave behind. Depending on your destination station, you might be given an allowance to move your personal vehicles to the new home with you.

Even with the allowances from the military, a MILPCS order is a source of disruptions for many military recruits and officers. As a result, you should seek professional help before moving. By contacting reputable MRP real estate agents, you can easily find your new home near your new station. Contact us right away for more information!