Military Housing For Retirees

PCS is what the military calls a Permanent Change of Station. In other words, PCSing in the military automatically means that you will be assigned to another duty station. Your orders will show you where and when you are expected to move. This is an inevitable part of your military career, which allows you to experience different parts of the country and even the world. You can be assigned anywhere in the United States as well as overseas. This is why many people even consider PCS as one of their incentives to join the military, as it gives you a unique opportunity to travel.

Service members can be given different types of PCS orders that will come with their own rules and regulations, which is why it is important to coordinate with the transportation management office (TMO). You need to act fast as soon as you receive your orders as there will be a lot to prepare. Fortunately, the government will cover or pay for most costs associated with your move. You can have the TMO arrange everything or do it yourself (DITY move).

Tips When You Are PCSing in the Military

Contrary to temporary duty assignments, PCSing in the military means a long-term assignment of about two to four years. It can sound overwhelming to think of uprooting your life and moving to a completely new environment, which is why we have gathered some tips on how to better prepare yourself and your family, if applicable.

  • Organize your moving method – As previously mentioned, there are two ways you can move in the military: through the TMO or DITY. The advantage of the TMO is that you let the department handle everything. However, it does come with its stipulations, whereby there is a maximum weight limit for your personal possessions. Your rank and number of dependents calculate this. The lower it is, the smaller your allocation will be. Whereas for the do-it-yourself move, you can earn more money as you get 95% of the military’s estimated cost of moving, regardless if it actually costs that amount or not. But, it is worth noting that this will require you to organize everything. Thus, both come with their own pros and cons.
  • Utilize relocation assistance and resources – Not only can you coordinate with the relocation department in the military, but you can also do your own research through the website. Find out all the prerequisites before your so that you are better prepared. Furthermore, your unit will usually assign a service member of a similar rank to help you adjust to your new station.

Moving is seldom simple, which is why it helps to have the help of highly experienced real estate agents who are used to working with service members and will have a list of properties that fit your needs and deadlines. We offer our assistance to all those PCSing in the military.