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If you have to relocate due to a PCS order, you can expect to be reimbursed by the military to a certain extent. The military will provide allowances that will cover certain fees and costs that are incurred during your moving process. These allowances will not completely cover all of your costs, but they will certainly be very helpful throughout the moving process.

It can be quite difficult to ascertain how much you will earn through military allowances, but certain factors will contribute to the total amount of cash you will receive. This article will provide you with some basic information about these allowances as well as the different factors that will influence your allowances.

How much will you receive through your dislocation allowance?

Your dislocation allowance will be the main allowance the military provides if you have to move because of your PCS order. It will be paid out to you within 30 days after you submit the paperwork. Your dislocation allowance will only be awarded to you if your pay grade is above grade E5 and you choose not to stay in the housing units available within the base. The most important factors affecting your dislocation allowance will be your current rank and whether you can move with other dependents.

How much will you receive through your household goods and vehicle shipment?

Naturally, you will have to take a long all the household goods with you when you relocate to another residence. The costs of this transportation service will be paid out partially by the military, and sometimes, it can even pay out disbursements to help transport your personal vehicles. However, there is a weight limit that you must adhere to, and if the total weight of your household goods exceeds the limit, the military might decline to provide the payout.

Temporary lodging disbursements

When you are searching for your new home, if you have to leave your current residence and stay at a temporary lodging, you might be eligible for some temporary lodging disbursements from the military. There is an accompanying requirement that you must first satisfy: Your temporary lodging must be located close to the new residence or the old residence. Your temporary lodging disbursements will pay for up to 10 days of temporary lodging, and the total amount will also depend on the number of dependents who will be staying with you. You will typically receive up to $290 daily for your lodging disbursements.

Understanding how military allowances work is the key to a successful PCS relocation. That said, even with the allowances from the military, it is still not guaranteed that you will be able to pay all the costs with ease. Thus, if you need help planning for your PCS, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Our experts have worked with plenty of service members, and we can help you prepare for your PCS so that the process will go smoothly!