Military Off Base Housing For Rent

Changing stations is a dreaded reality for many service members, especially those who have gotten married and have kids. A MilPCS relocation will cause a lot of disruptions in your daily life, and it can also be quite a financially challenging experience. Fortunately, the military will offer allowances that will help you adjust to your MilPCS relocation more easily, ensuring that you will be able to serve your role easily.

Travel pay allowances are among the most popular allowances that the military will provide to military personnel who have to move due to their MilPCS order. This article will provide basic information regarding travel pay from the military.

What is travel pay from the military?

When you relocate to your new station due to a MilPCS order, you will have to pay for the travel costs incurred along with the move. All of these travel costs can be quite costly, especially if you have to move to an overseas base and the only method of travel available is planes. The military will thus pay out an allowance to help you cover these travel costs.

The amount of travel pay you receive from the military will have to depend on many different factors. If you travel using common carriers such as trains or planes, the military will provide you with tickets that will cover all the costs. You will be disbursed later if they do not provide the tickets. You do have to keep your receipts, however.

If you travel by using your personal vehicle, the military will disburse you based on the mileage. The Defense Table of Official Distance will calculate the official distance between the two bases. The mileage rates will also change yearly, so you will likely have to ask them in advance to get an accurate amount.

The processing time for travel pay is comparatively quick. It would usually take 6 business days to process the travel voucher. However, you should also wait for 4-5 days for the amount to be disbursed to your bank account.

Traveling with dependents

When you travel with dependents, your dependents will also receive travel compensation. However, the amount they receive will not be as high as the one you receive. They can only receive 50-75% of your per diem travel allowance. That said, if they have to travel separately due to several reasons, they might be entitled to a 100% travel allowance.

Travel allowances will help military recruits and offices with MilPCS orders to cover travel costs, but it is not the ultimate solution to help you with your PCS order. There are still other financial issues that will need professional handling, and we are ready to provide the help you need! You are just one phone call away from reaching out to us, so don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you!