Military PCS Housing Agency

Many military recruits will find it quite challenging to find a place to stay after being ordered to relocate due to their MilPCS order. Some are actually wondering whether it is possible to buy a house on their military base! The short answer is, of course, a resounding no, as military bases cannot sell private houses to military recruits and officers.

However, that does not mean you are out of luck. Certain options are still available to you if you have to move due to your MilPCS order.

Military housing

It is true that you can stay at a house within a military base, but you cannot buy them. Instead, they are assigned to you if you choose military housing instead of buying your own home. Military houses are close-knitted communities with comparably good amenities around them, so military recruits and officers who stay in these housing units can still enjoy a very comfortable life. These housing complexes are also extremely safe, and you won’t have to worry about your financial burdens if you stay in them.

Own houses

Many military recruits opt for the other option, however. Military recruits who have received a MilPCS order can buy their own houses. This option is made possible through various benefits available only to military personnel. For example, VA loans are some of the best, as they come with a low-interest rate and do not require hefty down payments. Some MRP realtors are also available to help you find the right houses for sale that will suit your needs.

Buying their own house is a great option for military recruits and officers who wish to stay within their comfort zone. There are many more options when it comes to home decoration, and homeowners can add items or sections to their homes. The result will be a highly personalized living experience that will help you decrease the stress you receive from your daily life and your work.

If you buy your own home, you can also choose your neighborhood. Some families might enjoy a rural area, while others would prefer to live in an urban one with many surrounding amenities. With your MRP realtors, you can find a neighborhood made just for you, and these realtors should also be able to help you sail through the paperwork.

Even though you cannot buy a house at a military base, you will be assigned a military housing unit if you choose this option. Alternatively, you can choose to buy your own house using the VA loan available to military personnel who have to relocate due to their MilPCS order. When you need to find houses for sale near your new base, don’t hesitate to check in with the local MRP realtors, who have received plenty of training to help you find the perfect property for you!